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phil roberts 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Lostgurlz 2 years ago 1

I thought i would largely duplicate on user echo the suggestion i posted to you earlier today.

This game (volcano) is losing players, In the last TC only 1344 teams registered. This is the lowest number in 9 months and has been steadily declining over the weeks. Even the "tapathon" challenges are failing to draw the numbers as before.

Therefore i feel this game needs an additional draw, unlike some of the other games gold is a fairly uncommon commodity, unlike maybe other suggestions I'm not requesting a sudden influx of gold bars that require no effort to obtain. It needs to be:

  • Something that will re-kindle enthusiasm long since cooled since the last known eruption of lava together with something that will appeal to the new player,
  • something that will not upset the delicate algorithms to much and making the game to easy,
  • something that from your point of view is easy to program into the game.

How about using Portia's self proclaimed rare and valuable gems as a unit of currency that can be traded for gold in a new building.

These gems seem to be of little or no value to the game and using them in this way gives them that value. As we know, you need to grow or manufacture items to obtain them and by doing so you're increasing the game time of the players. Currently once you have reach a certain level your only cause to visit your island is to collect clutter and pick up the carelessly left swords hidden underneath.

You will still be able to control the game by setting an appropriate exchange rate thus keeping the game under control.

I await with unabated enthusiasm your comments.

Phil aka (roberto1,) lord of nothing whatsoever and specialist in bright idea's!!!