how do you get cannons

vanhove13 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Zieu 3 months ago 10

does anyone know how to get cannons i need them to finish building and i have no idea where to get them.


The forge or the powder maker all need to be built and upgraded

And then you build the cannon factory

only problem is i need steel to do all that and haven't found that yet and on level 40 and still nothing. I feel like im stuck and it seems the second game i have with this brand goes way faster and u get more done.

your right im on level 49 and still no steel factory

Cannons are made at level 4 in the forge which will be in your specials .

where is the steel factory?

I am level 61 and cannot find steel foundry.....is it a find thing or a buy from store thing....can't make cannon balls. If purchase please put back in store

Hi Mag, ive been searching for a "quest tree" which runs through in order standard quests (not to be confused with limited edition quests-they absorb swords quickly) but without success. If anyone out there in rock you land knows that would help....

The Steel Foundry will become available as you complete each quest. Without the quest tree and with a fading memory I can't recall at what stage it emerges.

My only advice to you is just keep playing those standard quests and Ignore limited edition altogether for now, one thing that might speed things up is to build those buildings you don't currently have. The logic behind this is when you do need them to complete quests, There done, even if your unable to finish them for some reason it helpful.

where do you find the yeti cave


The Yeti Cave is found as a part of quest- A Curious Cavet. Once the quest is active, it will trigger you to find the asset in the jungle. Please continue to play the game, and you should come across it soon.