Free swords reduced - from 5 to 3???

Denise Dutton 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Monkey 2 years ago 4

For the past week I've only received 3 swords instead of the usual 5 during the daily "debris collection = free swords".

I've cleaned up my entire island, checked behind buildings and houses, in case I've missed any debris. But nup. Only 3 swords.



There not hiding I think they want us to buy swords so there giving less. I am also only getting 3 and sometimes only 2. I ve noticed that in all 3 games I play...westbound pioneer, skull island and shipwrecked volcano island.


Well that's a bummer. They make challenge items that only face one direction so they're difficult to position without looking stupid, weekly challenges often require players to log in every 3-5 minutes to collect items, and now they're lowering free sword count?



Now that you guys mentioned that, I noticed too, I already have so many open quests it's insane, I can't keep up, I have bought over 6 quests with my gold andnow have 0 gold, I've been doing countless tapjoy ads to just try and keep up and I can't even do them with the free offers and daily debris, and only getting 1 good and I sword leveling up is absolutely obsured..... Making a difficult game even more difficult is depressing for sure. Very disappointed....

uninstalled both games because of this smooth move. Gongrats to the development team who somehow managed to embody all the anger and frustration some games possess when being defeated repeatedly and unfairly and taking that and putting it into this game that you really can't lose at. Bravo dipshits. FYI, the only thing positive to come from all this is I discovered your competition offers a better experience.