Rockyou has allowed someone else to play my game. They are spending my purchases, using my resources and RockYou won't give me a refund ! They keep telling me they have fixed the issue.

loveabraves 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by anne wilson 2 years ago 6

help.... RockYou has allowed someone else to play my game. Spend my purchases and use my resources. I have sent $100''s of dollars and hours on this game. Yet... they will not give me a refund. They have stated they have fixed the issue but as of 10minutes ago they were playing on my game. Wasting my gold, swords and silver... someone help!,

If your using Google play immediately report this as its a violation of your rights! These games have been plagued by hackers & it sounds like you maybe hacked. Are they playing your game or maybe taking your resources! If Rock you will not correct it I would be in touch with the provider you use to purchase your resources from ASAP.... Especially if your private bank or credit card is involved! I never use my personal acct, i purchase google play cards! Good luck! Btw how long has this been going on?

I keep trying... about a minute into the message it closes and I keep having to start over... so frustrated. They are playing my game and taking resources.

It sounds likely you were hacked!!!!!! if Rock you can't stop this then Again report to your app provider Google play or any of the ones you pay to purchase your resources! I know in the past Google play has refunded a few of my purchases when Kiwi/Rock you refused to correct the problem! They usually investigate the issue! You need to have your e-mail from corresponding with Rock you, your provider that you purchased resources from will be able to see the account history! If you purchased items & they disappeared you were indeed hacked! I feel terrible for you! Please do what I suggested & let us know the outcome! What provider do you purchase from, Google, etc...? Do you have the phone number? If you can't find it post & I will try to help you! Jan

It started in January. I couldn't load my game. Had requested a device transfer. For 4 months they stated they couldn't find my game. Yet my friends kept telling me good job on team challenges. I kept demanding they find my game that I had been playing for over a year. Finally 2 weeks ago they said they found it. Loaded on my tablet and this player is playing over me. Gold disappearing, swords energy... using silver to buy random items... planting long term crops. I purchased gold, swords and energy for the team challenge. Went to another game, came back and gone.


Where are you on the table loveabraves ?