Lack of support

Caroll 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Lostgurlz 2 years ago 1

Despite my numerous requests for assistance I have not received much support at all. For example:. Waffle Cones. I was told they were produced every 5 minutes. My cones were and still are being produced every 45 minutes. The reply to my request for assistance was " We tried and was able to produce a Waffle Cone every 5 minutes. There is not an issue". On the Soda Challenge. I had mostly Gnomes very few goats. Never did receive a reply , but I did discover the issue was resolved when the challenge was almost over. Now my limited time quests are saying they expired and I must use gold to reactivate them. I sign into my account 3 to 5 times daily, if not more. I have not received any rewards from the Apple Pie Challenge. Last count I had finished approximately 23 billion pies. I cannot get a reply on a request for assistance to obtaining an item in a Limited Time quest. The item just kept spinning and spinning and I could not see it. No matter what I tried the image just kept spinning. When I logged out and then back in the item was gone. I have buildings I have finished building that are just green squares. One issue I feel very strong about if I do not participate in a challenge I should not be downgraded from my current standing. I am on level 103 and I still get 2 swords when I level up. I think rewards should increase with dedication. It is like longevity and dedication to the game mean nothing I like my island a lot. The game is fun and allows me to make my island my own. Dedication should be recognized and rewarded adequately. Customer support should be number one. I understand things can get busy but not so busy we are forgotten. Lots of room for improvement. Lots of improvement needs to be made.


For your buildings that are blank, have you tried to force stop? I have a challenge building that's doing the same...the only thing I can suggest is that you send emails to Anna with the problem with your Island. They don't work weekends so trying to get ahold of them during challenges is next to impossible I know that from experience myself. Try emailing them through your game under settings. Good luck Caroll