Rebabbitting of White Metal Bearing

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Rebabbitting of white metal bearing is recommended in case of the

development of taper, ovality or damage to the white metal of the roller bearing housing

. White metal bearings are commonly used in diesel engine, pumps,

turbines, forging press and with various rotary mechanical equipment.

The repair of white metal bearing and rebabbitting is undertaken in a

designated workshop.

The white metal is removed and the bearing

shell is checked for the cracks, hardness and uneven surface. In case of

cracks or high hardness the rebabbitting of bearing shell is not

recommended. The rebabbitting of white metal is done by centrifugal

process which results to strong bonding between the bearing shell and

white metal. After rebabbitting process, machining operation as per the

drawing is undertaken. It is important that there is a strong bonding

between the white metal and the steel shell of the bearing. This is

normally checked by ultrasound.

In case of any abnormality it is

recommended not to use the bearing as it may cause damage to the shaft.

The white metal bearing have advantage over tri metal bearing as they

can be reused after white metal rebabbitting. Where as tri metal bearing

cannot be repaired or re used after certain number of hours of

operation recommended by the manufacturer. The tri metal bearing are

generally manufactured in a standard step size for example. 0.25, 0.50,

1.0mm so on. In that case crankshaft is to be ground according to the

undersized tri metal bearing availablity in the stock. On the contrarily

in case of white metal bearing the rebabbitting of bearing can be done

as per the final size of the shaft diameter maintained after grinding of

the shaft.

The white metal Babbitt bearing are manufactured and

repaired as per the drawing. In case of absence of drawing the white

metal bearings can be developed, manufactured and rebabbitting can be

done as per the samples of the bearing. It is proven that white metal

bearings can be easily repaired or replaced by new bearing due to the

simple manufacturing process. The workmanship for rebabbitting of

bearing and manufacturing of white metal bearing is of great importance.

The selection of grade for white metal is done based on the

application, load characteristics of the bearing, rpm and other

technical factors. It is observed that in case the high grade of white

metal is used the bearing run considerably for longer hours,

increasingly the life of shafts and bearing as well.


rolling bearing all kinds of machinery, instruments, such as market

performance has become increasingly strict, for bearing the required

conditions, the performance is also increasingly diverse.In order to

from a large number of structure, size, choose the most suitable

bearing, need study from various angles.When choosing bearing,

generally, considered as a shafting SKF Bearingsarrangement,

installation, remove the difficulty level of, bearing, size allowed by

the space and marketability of bearing, roughly defines the structure of

the bearing.Secondly, comparative study on various mechanical design

life of the bearing and the bearing of a variety of different endurance

limit bearing has to be decided.

When choosing bearing, tend to be only consider the fatigue life of roller bearing housing manufacturer

, the aging by grease and grease, wear life, noise, etc. Also need to

be fully research.Furthermore, according to different purposes, it is

necessary to select precision, clearance, cage structure, grease, etc.,

as a special design of the bearing.However, choosing bearing no certain

order, rules, consideration should be given priority is to bearing the

required conditions, performance, most related matters, especially the