no quests

xsadieladyx 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Donna Lee 2 years ago 2

Level 95. Many of my neighbors are level 130+ and have many buildings I don't yet I have no more quests. How do I fix this?

Hi there,

The quests in the game are not level dependent. You can always level up by placing more decors and collecting more happiness in the game. We are looping in old Limited Edition series in the game. If you are not getting any LE series too, please drop an email to our support team- On opening the game tap the triangle on the bottom right and then tap the settings' icon. Select Help and Support, and then report an issue. We will look into this for you.



I know what you mean I haven't had anything to do for several months then when you do it's all limited ones and you do them and they load to your Island green squares and really I don't won't two of the same thing can't even sale it if you get them. My friends most are lower then me but have stuff that I don't even have. Like playing game before but now its boring. Wish they would come up with New stuff and open up the thing that says Comeing soon it's been like that for ever . voju