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how do you reset the game

You have to do manufacturers reset on your device and not back up any files !

The IT department needs to do something about this . I started having this problem AFTER I did a factory reset on my phone.


What problem ? I've just answered a query on how to reset the game . So I don't understand your problem ??

I feel a little like a accidental PRO on the subject of starting completely over. First 2 times were an upgraded cell & then my youngest GranDude broke the screen on my Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 days after upgrade...ACK! So started over on my NextBook AND I was having some lag issues, black squares instead of items, freezing up, 2 or 3 other issues, and finally just closing without warning soooo I cleared cache only to keep having same issues but then I cleared DATA in my apps manager and badabing badaboom.... started me right back at the very beginning.

Have old cell phones laying around? Turn on WiFi and download your games, also I'm playing on my Amazon Kindle Fire :}

Good Luck~

Kim aka Whytesand