latest game upgrade

Jeannette-Marie Olmeda 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by anne wilson 2 years ago 4

I have enjoyed playing this game for the past couple of years (since it was first owned by Kiwi) and have spent a lot of real money on swords and gold to get ahead in the game. The game started changing since RockYou took over but I continued playing with no real problem until your last update that put pop-up ads. You just ruined the game, the enormous amount of pop-up ads is now seriously hindering gameplay. You just lost a good, longtime gamer who actually spent money on your game... Your very bad move adding those pop-up ads lost you revenue. Uninstalled game, can spend my money on a game that doesn't hinder gameplay with an endless, rediculous amount of pop-up ads.


Dont worry Jeanette I'm going to try my best to get ads removed , I managed to do it once before and I will try my best again . If anyone has not updated volcano then I suggest you don't .

Thanks, I really don't want to stop playing because I love the game. Unfortunafely my tablet automatically downloaded the game upgrade but I told my team challenge teammates to turn off their auto upgrade feature and to not download the latest game upgrade prior to your message... so, they're safe for now. So glad you got back to me. :-)

Ok, just answered your post and now I can't seem to get back into the game. Don't know what's going on but we're in the middle of a team challenge and the longer I am unable to enter the game the further my team will slip back from our place. Not happy about this new development!!!

There's a lot of problems for everyone , support are trying to get developers to reduce ads . It will take a little time but it helps if people post in forum so RockYou can see the problems .