I think we should be given at least one ax per day so that we can get further in the game. It takes way too much time to level up and I don't have money to spend on the game.

Barbara Sitton 3 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by loveabraves 3 years ago 2
Players should given least one ax per day. I like game a more if I got more axes. I'm tired of having play other games to get more. Or have more where can 30 second ads.
I completly agree im out of rrom to keep doing the new goals. I play daily love all the kiwi games actually play them all daily but im getting board fast withoht being able to make more room. U can only rearrange so much before ur stuck.

I agree ... I play all the rock you games but can't afford to pay for resources anymore . I also do team challenges and very competitive. However I have considered switching to different games because we have to play for hours and hours to level up to get one ax... we should be given atleast one everytime that we go to the game and play atleast 30 minutes.