Goldrush vs. Westbound

Paula@WB 3 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Jade Smith 3 years ago 3
I play Westbound and was invited to play Goldrush for axes. I thought it was going to be a new different game. But it is the SAME game! Sure there are birds and we have the marshall instead of Gus, the dog has had a sex change and is now named "Jack" but not enough differces for someone to want to play both games. I thought there would be some new stories. Why even launch a new game if it is no different than the other?  
Hi Paula,

There are few changes in our new Gold Rush game when compared to Westbound. 
Max, your answer is vague. it would be helpful to us westbound players that are considering trying gold rush to know exactly what some of those differences are.
I would like to know if Goldrush is an improved version? So far, I haven't seen anything that is a difference. I play both, but in Goldrush I'm stuck not having found the steel foundry yet. I'm already 4 levels ahead in the normal version. The same with Shipwrecked. In Shipwrecked Vulcano Island I'm also 4 levels ahead. I tend to continue with the higher level games only if Kiwi doesn't tell convince us enough.

What would be nice is if both versions could share each other's resources.