Meet your Neighbor!

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Hi folks,

Are you looking for a new neighbor? Not to worry, this topic is for you to find a new neighbor.

Post your Kiwi Community ID here to meet a new neighbor!

Note: This topic will be kept open always. You can visit this topic to find a new neighbor.

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Hi max feel free to add me ign is ShaneSKE always looking for active neighbors
Hi, I am looking for active neighbors who are active and will eventually  compete in team challenges. My ID is  Tammy296. If interested, please invite me to be your neighbor. Or reply here with your I'd and I will invite you.  Thanks
Hi Tammy, I sent you an invite. I have suply for challenge and need active neighbours :-) Please, add me.
Hi tammy. I am a very active player. Looking for neighbors who will do challanges with me. Play daily?? Thanks

Add me search active user tag icefly
Add me, my user name is ann
I tried ann and they all had numbers after ann. Send an invite to me Tammy296 and I will accept.
I need neighbors. Any serious players welcome.
necessito vecinos, juego y doy regalo cada dia, mi id : Bulma77
Send me an invite for the next challenge! I have resources and need teammates.
Still looking for a teammate for our team....

I need one more solid player for the next challenge. We finished number 8 in the last challenge only having three players.
I need a team for challenges with correct players. Please add me!
Serenity, I tried to add you but can't find you. Can you add me please?
I sent you invite in WB. In Goldrush only tomorow is possible. Thank you and i hope, our cooperate will be succesfull.
Looking for neighbors that are active in team challenges. Please add me mbv123
We need one more player for the challenge,pls. contact me
Hi all, I really need some good neighbours so if any of you are looking for a neighbour plz feel free to add me.
thanks guys
You participating the team challenges?

I'm playing 4 games same time, not rotating. I was waiting you in westbound, in gold rush you are neighbour, but for actual challenge i have full team.
I send you yesterday invite, i think you dont want to play, you dont receive the invites?
Looking for neighbors who play often. I only have 1 neighbor who participates in anything. I don't even have a regular team. My id is sm1980.

I sm1980, I added you to my neighbors list, I already have a team but I play daily, I have only been playing 3 days, I send gifts back as you already know. I KNOW you will find an active team.
Bigslick13 looking for neighbors to send gifts to and receive gifts from
I sent you an invite. I am sm1980.

Im not new been playing over a year and pushing my way towards level 150 and a challenge team the finishes in top 15 and higher until my phone died..new Iphone later not able to transfer my old account yet. Plus they have abour $40_50 worth of items I bought the day before the lights went out in NC..so I need neighbors who play, gift and visit and I do the same. Thanks

Добрый день. Мне тоже нужна дружба. Только вот недавно играю. Дня 3 не больше. Мой ник id345689

daisyrayp looking for neighbors

I don't play shipwrecked I play westbound gold rush