where is the clay hill to get adobe?

Wade Anderson 3 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Zieu 5 months ago 7
Hi Wade,

You will need to wait for the quest related to Clay hill to appear and then explore the valley.So, please go ahead and continue playing the quest queue until you get this quest.

I don't have the clay hill but I have quest that ask me to collect from it and idont know what to do and I don't think that I got the quest for the clay hill when does that quest come 

I got a clay hill but when it said to collect it I did and it disappeared 

I've been collecting from old card houses but it doesn't show except on old cards I've collected

I got my clay hill from featured

i can not find the clay hill in featured any where what quest is it that you get it in 

The Clay Hill is found as a part of quest- Clay Array. Once the quest is active, it will trigger you to find the asset in the jungle. Please continue to play the game, and you should come across it soon.