Daily pick axe limit changed again?

TaraMN 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Viola1234 2 years ago 4

Seriously you guys? The past 3 days I have only gotten 3 pick axe from cleaning up debris. What happened to the 5? Personally I miss the 10 it started out with! Getting ridiculous!


Mine is the same way. They probably started thinking about the money they might be missing. Personally I'm not buying anything anyway. My island just closes itself most of the time. Starting to be not worth the trouble.


You're lucky. I've only received 2... in three days!!! I contacted customer "support." I was told they've "tweaked the game for optimal playing." They are nothing, but cheats and thieves. I guess they have just made the decision to stop playing for me. I mean really. Can't participate in quests without pickaxe. And like hell I'll spend anymore of my hard earned money on this crap! Yes. Unfortunately, I did spend actual money purchasing "resources." No more for me brother. I'm out!

  1. I notice the change too from five pickaxes to three as well..I spend a little but on fixed income so can't go crazy on a game three bearly gets one Item fir a quest piece per day..I have also noticed when I do buy axes instead of it taking 2 or three digs to find an item, it takes more like 4-5 digs to find an item.it is dirty

Guess ill guilt this game