UPDATE on Black/Green Squares (Graphic issue)

Zieu 2 years ago in News & Announcements • updated by Admin-Anna 1 year ago 2

Hello Folks!

How you all doing?! Well, here’s a heads-up from our Game Team. As most of you might have noticed that the green square/box issue is already sorted on the game client side, which means that the issue is resolved as of now. However, we would still want to know what you guys think of the fix. If you are facing any issues then please do let us know and if you know anyone who is not aware of this fix then please spread the word!

At any given time, you can contact us at our Customer Support ID via Support Ticket for any reports on Game issue/bugs and glitches so make sure you shout out loud if you need any assistance!

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I still have green squares for my general store and a ranch. Open ticker never fixed. Never will be

Please submit a ticket to us at support.rockyou.com with the details about the issue in the game. We are here to assist you