Facebook contest- Halloween

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Howdy Pioneers,

Welcome to our next Facebook Contest!

With the Halloween Season upon us, we have slashed 50% off on few assets. To participate in the contest, you must arrange all of these assets on the canyon.

What are you waiting for, get your saddle on and start placing the assets on the canyon.

Rules to participate in the contest:

1. Make sure your game is decorated in a unique way.

2. You must use all the 17 Halloween Assets that have been added in the Market.

3. You are free to place multiple Halloween Assets to enhance the island and should be placed within the Bone Fence

4. Contest is live on 28th October, 10 PM, PDT and ends 7th November, 10 PM, PDT. Please add you screenshot before the end time.

5. Please leave the screenshot with community ID of your game in the comment section of the contest post.

6. Only the latest screenshot will be considered for the contest

7. If same/ similar screenshots are found, the first uploaded picture will be considered.

8. All the assets should be clearly visible in the picture, make sure the smaller ones are not hidden behind the larger buildings.


1. To take a screenshot, please press and hold power button and the volume button simultaneously

2. Upload the photo in the comment section of the post

3. You can zoom in/ out to make sure all the assets fit in one screenshot.

Good Luck to all our participants

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Good new everyone! We are extending the Facebook Contest for another week. Do not miss out the opportunity to upload your decorated game arena and win tons of resources.

Contest End Time: 7th Nov, 10 PM, PDT