Trailblazer Gold.

phil roberts 2 years ago in General Discussion 0

Until recently those "in the know" used two destinations Nashville and Kansas on the trailblazer route to make GOLD, and therefore AXES, but alas Rock You have changed this and the chances of making easy GOLD have ended and It is much more random now. To increase the chances of finding GOLD I have been analysing what routes & destinations work best.

If you want to share in the results I need YOUR help.

If you have a desktop computer and have a basic knowledge of excel spreadsheets and can log each attempt you make searching, I will collate the results and share them with those who are contributing. The more data I have the more accurate the results will be and

Ideally these results will yield GOLD and therefore AXES to progress your game.

If you would like to join us please mail me pjsroberts1968@gmail.com