New phone

Dolly Smith 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by phil roberts 2 years ago 1

Lady at the phone store deleted my games . When reinstalled on new phone started former the beginning even tho email was registered from the beginning of first installment. Lost all progress and apparently all the money I had put into buying axaes/picks etc... Happen with all the games I had from this company. Gold rush , westbound etc.. How can you help me recover my games. ? I really miss playing them not to mention is very upsetting after purchasing items regularly. Any help would be appreciated.


Im am tempted to not tell you as i do not wish you to encounter the myriad of difficulties you will undoubtedly find in future weeks.

However should you wish to try the new device iinstructions in settings, you will need your old IMEI no. (Phone identification reference) if your new phone is operating on android OS 6.0 I wish you luck playing feel free to read my other comments !!