upgrade general store by completing map-and reverse- how do I get the screws?

ffrieman 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Hannah Anna 1 year ago 7

To upgrade, visit destinations by manufacturing, growing and or cook items needed for each step. At the end of the destination you will get the desired item. screws ballpane hammers etc.

You get a hint of the desired item by the opening screen/map but your not always guaranteed of winning it every time. It's not the worst idea to win a couple of these items because you might need to go back to win more anyway.

Doing this you will complete each level of the general store that provides the items needed for the future destinations.

A couple of helping hints:

1. always clear clutter from your canyon, the more frequent the better as you can find iron and wood needed to make nails hammers from your forge.

2. Try and make as many nails, hammers, horseshoes, corn dodgers, and cowboy stew as you can ( don't bother stocking up on other items the forge and cooking hearth can make.)

3. Remember there is no reason why you should only have 1 hearth or forge.

I tried to upgrade the general store and the game crashed. It now only shows a green square but when selected the items in the store are there. Tried to force stop and clear data. no change.

Please drop an email to our support team about the issue. Our team will assist you further on this.

I did... still is not fixed. A ticket has been open for some time now.

Please share the ticket number. We will look into this for you.

It had become a cat and mouse adventure with nothing done. #561543 GOLDRUSH

I just found out that once you clear a stage of the map, try it again using another path - the screws are in Denver.