New device my old game will not load

tay11118 or TaylorGrace 4 months ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Zieu 3 months ago 1

For over 6 months I have been trying to get someone to help me get shipwrecked, new world, west bound and shipwrecked volcano island back. I had to get a new device and no one can seem to tell me how to get my old games back.  You finally today got my westbound gold rush back to me so what about the other games.  I have put so much time and money into the games and all I want is my old games back...please HELP ME!  Robin Nordstrom ( taylor4ever@cox.net) my Google comes up as ( Furiousage2625).

Please drop an email to our support team at support.rockyou.com about the device transfer. We will assist you in restoring the game progress to the new device