Crops not being credited

Steven Lewis Sr 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Lydia Anne McGrath-Ostermeyer 3 years ago 2
Crops are not credited correctly. Had 4 okra needing 5. Harvested 1....not credited. Up to 3 now harvested....and not credited. This is costing valuable funds. Tried same with other crops.....same problem! Major bug in my book.
So did your question ever geto answered, about sometimes not getting the crops your harvesting and spending money and time for that item. Need answers or results cause won't play unless it gets fix. And I like this game I even found the stone cutter, it's a lil hut in the forest along with all the other things you find, just got to keep on looking. Even that needs to get fixed cause sometimes the time on that runs out.
When you harvest this means you get the actual crop, but not all crops will produce an item that will go into storage.example you do a sudan grass, this one may not produce a sudan grass but the coins and xp. It happens with all crops.