makeshift pick??

Fluff Sully Wazowski 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Zieu 5 months ago 6
im building the romantic waterfall and i need a makeshift pick, but i have no idea how to make one
Did anyone find out?
you need to find it
Yea make sure you open the quest first and then look for it through the jungle. It make two or three axes.

i need a makeshift pick and comfy pillows. Where do I find them?

Both these collectables are found in the jungle. they are triggered once the quest- Fetch the Pillows in Series: Amorous Aerie and Axe Yourself This in Series: Falling For Her are active. For more queries, you can write to us at support.rockyou.com We are here to assist you.

May we request you to please write to Support at support.rockyou.com so that they can tend to your issue.