Building parrot house and palisade?????

Carina Porteous 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Gabrielle Rachelle Fox 3 years ago 7
I can't figure out where to buy the parrot house and palisade in the game? Need both for quests.
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Hi Carina,

You can find the Parrot house in Market under Specials and Palisade under Buildings.
Yes, that issue is addressed, however one you have those you cannot get ANY NEIGHBOURS which are essential to advancing these tasks to the next level. COME ON KIWI PLEASE resolve this issue for those days f us who like the game
Where is the parrot house? I cannot find it. I have looked under specials, buildings and I cannot find it anywhere. Getting really frustrated with the game
Still no reply about the parrot house. Min is not in the special s. I look daily......
hi Sue, the only way I found to get through without having neighbors is to buy them 10 gold then you finish Palisades it's worth it I'm progressing I'll keep looking to find out where the. parrot's house is and let you know
Hi, I need the parrot house as well but cannot find it.

my "featured" icon wont let me click on it. I need to buy the parrot house??