Team Challenge #6: Loquat Smoothies!

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Hello Everyone!!

Challenge for this week : Loquat Smoothies!

July 24, 2015
6:00 AM EST

Team Formation

July 25, 2015
10:00 AM EST

Team Challenge Starts

July 27, 2015
11:00 AM EST

Tem Challenge Ends

Team Challenge Description: Generate as many Loquat Smoothies as possible

Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


600% Silver Boost

4 - 10


300% Silver Boost

11 - 100


125% Silver Boost

101 - 500


60% Silver Boost

501 - 2000


30% Silver Boost

Title Duration: 7 days
  • Lvl 1 Contract:
    • Produces: 1 Loquat Smoothie
    • Requires:
      • 4 Yogurt
      • 2 Loquats
      • 1 Energy
      • 100 Silver
    • Contract Time: 5 mins
  • Lvl 2 Contract:
    • Upgrade : 10 Wood, 500 Silver , 20 mins
    • Produces: 4 Loquat Smoothie
    • Requires:
      • 10 Yogurt
      • 5 Loquats
      • 1 Energy
      • 100 Silver
    • Contract Time: 10 mins
  • Lvl 3 Contract:
    • Upgrade : 15 Wood, 1500 Silver , 40 mins
    • Produces: 9 Loquat Smoothie
    • Requires:
      • 18 Yogurt
      • 11 Loquats
      • 1 Energy
      • 100 Silver
    • Contract Time: 20 mins
  • Lvl 4 Contract:
    • Upgrade : 20 Wood, 2000 Silver , 60 mins
    • Produces: 20 Loquat Smoothie
    • Requires:
      • 24 Yogurt
      • 18 Loquats
      • 1 Energy
      • 100 Silver
    • Contract Time: 40 min

    • New Collectable: Loquat Smoothie
    • New Town Building: Dairy Store found in Buildings in Market
    • New Tree: Loquat found in Trees in Market
    • New Collectable: Loquats

Please not again same game. Pattern... Don't have any new ideas?
Hi Tia, I miss you! My husband plays scull island and I have been helping him build up his island! I saw your response and had to say Hello!! Jan.
Is anyone having problems with the loquat tree's not giving you the harvest when you run the tree? My spouse is! Skyfinger 2015! Please Thumb's up so hopefully Kiwi/Rock you notices! Thanks!
I have emailed Kiwi about this problem 3 times today. Isually they respond quickly, but I have heard nothing back today.
Please, everyone, go thru the game 2 About Us, then tap the support email 2 contact them. They get needed info about your device 2 help them solve the problem.

Tell Kiwi that you & your teammates are having the same problem. This user site is nice, but the best way 2 get results is 2 email them.

I did that but they usually don't answer me until the next day unless it is the weekend so I don't expect to hear from them until at least Monday. That is too late. Thought they might monitor this.
I did do that 2 times for skyfinger2015! No response! I hope you all get your games straight! Thanks and good luck!
Looks like some people r getting 3 or more runs on level 2 of the smoothie shack. Not me. Only 2. 😞 :-(
I'm having the same problem use my gold for tree because when I harvest not gotten any credit and none of my team member do anything just sleepers. Please fix or i'm quitting. ...
Sandra look at the stuff posted by Ivy, she figured out how to get around this! Read her post! Selling the loquat tree's & repurchase! See details she posted! It's working!
I have the same problem. Got to 10 and it won't go higher. I have harvested 9 more with no credit. I cleared data but stayed at 10. Stilll not getting credit.
Need 1 more for our team if interested.
Still in need of a member? My ID is Smarlie n I'd likec to be on a team instead of being my own one gal team again.
Smarlie join our team we are down a player this week friend request ame1664 and I will invite you. We have been in the top 3 for 3 times since I have been on the team and they were the other 2 times I was not.
Hi Jan bored with shipwreck... Trying skull... But seems same problem here too.. Will msg u in mail.
Help me too.. Won't generate
  • I'm having the same issue. I have harvested 10 of the new Loquat Trees using my sparkle 4X. NO CREDIT on these for preparation of the new quest rolling out!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS! I'd also appreciate my sparkle being credited to my account.
Is anyone monitoring this? We are having trouble collecting on loquat trees. Please help.
I used sparkle also and would like it refunded.
Still not harvesting the loquat tree's! Posted for skyfinger 2015. Lost a entire day of harvesting!
P.s. I personally think that they were to be replanted every time they were harvested, otherwise I think the trees would've cost more! Just my thoughts!
  • I am having collecting on loquat trees for new challenge. Please help.
She is on my team so this is really hurting us.
To Wanda (& others interested),
I've had a number of wonderful, helpful conversations with Maximus @ Kiwi on the same day I emailed. My 1st email was early this am. Since this is a major issue across the board 4 the game this weekend, I figured the more emails from as many people as possible, the better chance we have. Since today is Friday & my chats with Max have been on weekends as well as during the week, I still hope he or another person on his team will contact me b4 the challenge begins tomorrow.
I didn't have the email but I will try it. Have you heard back today?
Wanda & Others,
There r several ways 2 email Kiwi, but the most rapid responses come when u go thru the game itself. Go into Settings, scroll down 2 About Us, tap, then tap support-skull@... This gives them more info abt your device so they can get back 2 u more quickly.
That is what I have done in past. If I sent on Friday I never heard back until Monday or Tuesday. Any time I respond I haven't gotten a response until the next day. Guess you have more luck. Now this is my first problem with this game. Had problems with another that took over 2 weeks to resolve. Thanks.
I have found that I get same day response most of the time, especially on weekends when I go thru the Settings as I explained b4, but not when I emailed thru any other method.
I have not heard back yet, but the response usually comes in the evening here in the western US, so I'm still hopeful.
Thanks Ivy for your kind words, I think it is a program error but this show's they aren't monitoring the challenge forum for problems and they should be. After all it's the only way to know if something is wrong! I am Sorry I yelled in caps but hopefully get attention for you all. I do not play but skyfinger 2015 does! I am sorry you're having trouble too! Good luck everyone! :+)
HELLO OUT THERE IS ANYONE LISTENING OR LOOKING AT THE FORUM????? I am glad I do not play this game but the people who do needs an answer from someone on the loquat tree's not producing the harvest!!!! Posted for Skyfinger2015 & all the Other's who are trying to play! PLEASE respond! Thank you!
This forum is NOT the best way 2 contact Kiwi support. That's what I keep trying 2 tell everyone. The BEST way 2 contact them is thru the main support email, as I have explained. Maybe if more people would email Kiwi thru the game Settings, support would get the problem solved!
I have sent 2 through the game. I am not able to generate any more. I will only be able to play 2 times on level 2.
Same here. Looks like others have same luck. Only those 1st 10 loquats counted. No change & no Kiwi support. Oh well! Until, if & when, someone in support sees our emails &/or these forum notes, we can play. Until then, it looks like quests & earning silver & sparkles this weekend!
Thanks you Ivy, I did 3 time's! Problem is starting on Friday no one is in unless it's changed! He had no response from support! Thanks though! :+)
Just sent another one.
OK. ATTENTION Everyone having a problem with loquats.

What hasve your teams' ranks been in this last (Asgard) Season? I'm suspecting that mostly the highest ranking teams (I'm NVSnakelady in the #1 ranked team at the end of last season), are the teams being affected.

I sure hope not. If Kiwi is showing favoritism, Google can & will shut down the whole game & look at all Kiwi games very closely!

Let's hope not!
Again, please tell us your team's rank at the end of last season.

I was new to it so I was at the bottom. Only earned 5k coins and sparkle.
my team was #995
I am not getting any Loquats at all so I can't make any smoothies....
Looks like, if you have enough golds 2 waste & the desire 2 do so, you can spend 18 golds 4 each smoothie run. I don't really want 2 waste my golfs this way!
OK. That's really good news. It means that the problem is completely random. Good 2 hear! Not good 4 those of us affected though!
I really wish Kiwi would respond because this challenge is completely unfair & shouldn't count 4 the season. It messes up rankings & will negatively affect the whole season 4 so many teams.
They should repair the problem & rerun it next weekend since we paid out silver, sparkles, etc & haven't been able 2 get fair use out of the trees & buildings.
How do u make the smoothies
Are you new 2 this game? If so, this is probably not a good weekend 2 explain 2 you how 2 make them. The challenge is not working 4 most people.
I can talk you through it if you'd like though.
Are you on a team yet? If not, I know 1 you can join.

No he is not on a team yet bc he's building up his island but plays Tc alone as he can't always pull great score! He understands how it works but the loquat tree's will not generate even after he ran the 2nd level 2 times! Thanks anyway! If you do have advice its always welcomed! :+)
If he'd like 2 join a team next weekend, this other team has 1 top ranked go-getter & 2 who should never have signed up 4 the team since they have done nothing! There is still room on the team, not that it matters this weekend.
Great Ivy I will ask him & let you know! Thanks!
Everyone keep thumb's up on every complaint in forum! They have to be loosing money or the challenge is working for some & not the Other's! Thanks
Yes Jan. It's working 2 various degrees 4 some people.

I really hope Kiwi will discount this messed up challenge & repair it & rerun it next weekend since it will negatively affect rankings 4 so many teams.
OK Everyone. We've got it figured out.
(1) Plant your loquat trees. Harvest them.
(2) Run the smoothie booth on level 2 twice.
(3) Sell all 10 trees. Buy 10 more trees.
(4) Repeat steps (1), (2) & (3) again until you run out of energy. It takes 15 minutes or real $ to refill the energy.
Keep track of how many times u replant. If Kiwi has 2 reimburse enough of us, maybe they'll pay better attention in the future!
Just curious why would you run on level 2 twice when you can just plant 10 trees, water, and harvest. Then sell them a buy another 10 trees and repeat until you have 100 in inventory actually you only need 90 for 5 energy.
that's great, it works for me, thank you.
You're welcome.
It will work 4 everyone. It's just slow & annoying.
    Yes Ivy it worked for skyfinger2015 too! Thank you! If the other team drops the users he would most likely play! Let me know! :+)
    IF he wants 2 join that team, he's welcome to. Just put a neighbor request in 4 "Ivy Greene". (No " marks.) He'll be accepted as a neighbor & then invited 2 join the team.
    Hey Ivy do you have a gmail address?
    Yes, but I don't want 2 give it out 2 everyone. Request to be my neighbor (I'm NVSnakeLady). Or use the other site (Ivy Greene). With the 2nd site I can accept you as my neighbor & then add you 2 my team. Through the chat, I'll give you my email.
    I understand! I opened a new slot on his game & sent invitation! Thanks
    I found it. Problem though. Waited 2 long. Looks like we passed the point where we can add new teammates a short time ago. :-( If you can be patient, next week I'll invite you as a teammate & then trade emails.
    Which site did u send the invitation to?
    Ivy Greene! It's coming from skyfinger 2015. I sent it out and haven't gotten back his tablet to check on it! He is out but has it with him trying to keep his energy run! Let me know if you didn't get it! Thanks Jan
    I did get it, but as I said, it became 2 late 2 add new teammates. Pls be patient & I'll invite him next weekend. Not much I can do this week. So sorru, but he is a neighbor.
    Thanks I knew it was too late for this one! Have a great weekend! Jan
    The loquat trees have not been working since 10:15 am. No fruit is generated. Is Kiwi going to fix this
    Did u read my other notes? I gave a (4) step method that works this weekend.
    Gosh dammit I fell asleep, is it to late to form a team?