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Someone interested in team challenges I need team mates. My ID is ame1664. I was in 4th place last week and made most of the points. 8th place the 1st challenge but, I was unable to start when it began. I had to get support before I could get the challenge on my game. Still made 8th place with only me on the team and starting after 5pm on Saturday.

HI THEORY ANNANNe, I am on a team with Razor, and Jojo we are looking for a fourth, one of our players didn't play the last challange, and made our score, we are in 1st put me on your neighbor list I will check with jb, I think you maybe on his neighbor list.
Orr about the typo, ame1664.
I'm also looking for team mates that actually play. My team hasn't put in the time or just don't get how to play (with one exception). This is only my second challenge but I want to earn some machetes! Lol in the fireworks challenge so far I have 189, Idk if that's on your level, if so please invite me to join next challenge. Miaworm is my id
I have a team of 2. Will send invite. Sweet Reef123.