Team Challenge #12: Pearl Diving

Admin-Ashley 3 years ago in Team Challenge • updated by melissa 3 years ago 16

We are back with : Pearl Diving

Team Formation Start Time: [6:00am EST | September 4, 2015]
Team Challenge Start Time: [10:00am EST | September 5, 2015]
Team Challenge End Time: [12:00pm EST | September 7, 2015]

Team Challenge Description: Collect as many Pearls as possible!

Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


+600% Silver

4 - 10


+300% Silver

11 - 100


+125% Silver

101 - 500


+60% Silver

501 - 4000


+30% Silver

Title Duration: 7 days


Does anyone have a clue what the heck is going on (other than spending more energy than ever)?
What r the streaks abt?
What's the column on the right abt?
Well Ashley,
Do u people think u can come up with a way 2 use even more expensive energy & machetes. I guess it's time 4 me 2 say goodbye & shut down both of my sites. There r a lot of other city building games out there where the main goal of the designers is not 2 find ways 2 rip off their players so obviously & ruthlessly on a weekly basis.

Goodbye 2 my neighbors & teammates. The stress of these weekend ripoffs is not worth it 2 me.
You said that correct girl! It's this way on Sky Tc too & he can't even get in chat to tell you! Stinks! Sky says he feels same!
Sorry 2 bail out on u, my friends, but I can't deal with these RY people. I've removed all neighbors, changed my review from 5 to 1 star, & uninstalled my sites. I also reported RY 2 Google Play. Maybe if enough of us give them 1 star & uninstall, they'll figure out that people really don't appreciate being abused 4 the sake of money.
I may re-open the games in 6 months or so 2 c if they finally get the picture & mend their ways. Doubt it though.
Ivy I know you are mad but geez couldn't you have finished the Tc! Good luck Girl! Sky says he is sad that you left him hanging even though he understands!
Ivy I have to say dropping out of a Tc when you were 2 of the players on different devices really destroyed any chance of your team mate going anywhere! Thanks
Ivy (Sky and Jan too),
Just wanted to let u know that I opted to take a break this week due to burn-out and after being sick last week, didn't want to be a hindrance to the team again. From the other comments posted, it seems as though we are ALL feeling varying degrees of frustration which in Ivy's case, provoked an unfortunate outcome which is precisely why I felt compelled to take a break, rather than allow my frustration to push me to that point because it's simply just not worth stressing over. I've got way more important things in life to stress over - it's called "reality"... : )
Hi there, are you wanting Sky to invite you to play this weekend? Please let me know so I can let him know! He has other people who are interested in being a part of his team! He doesn't want to be left hanging again and I am sure you understand that! Thanks for the note!
So sorry, but I've removed all neighbors & shut down both of my sites. I've been very ill & can't play now. Good luck 2 both of u.
I was asking icontonic !you left no doubt about your intentions last week when you ditched me one day into y tc! That's history! I hope you get better soon! Good luck
The message came 2 me because u sent it on my stream.
Hi Jan (and Sky),
I really appreciate your "invite" and have genuinely enjoyed being teammates with you crazy gamers - however, I've pretty much reached a point of saturation which has subsequently diminished my interest in the game so I'm currently operating at a much more casual pace. Anyway...best of luck and warmest regards to all!! : ) :). : )
Iconic Tonic (Melissa),
Not sure what happened last weekend. U didn't join our group(?) Jan & Sky r looking 4 u. They want 2 no if u want 2 be on their team. I'm tired of all the nonsense myself & can't afford the $$ RY expects us 2 spend each week, so I shut down my sites. There's lots of other city building games where they don't try 2 burn ur wallet every week. Good luck, whatever u decide.
Hope things are going better for you this week Ivy. Stay in touch and take care : )
Thank Ben!
I may come back 2 Skull, but I definitely won't play the weekend games unless I hear RY has stopped doing everything they can 2 rob players blind. So I probably also won't have neighbors.
Relax & have fun!

Ben = Iconic Tonic = Melissa
(in case anyone was wondering who "Ben" is, lol)