ame1664 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated 3 years ago 2
Shortydog I was thinking you said you wanted to form a team on Goldrush. I know of player who is a strong player who needs a team to play on. We are team mates on volcano island and finished the season as first mates. The first challenge we had to do with a player down just us two bring in the points. I think you are already neighbor's on volcano island she is sending a neighbor request to you on Goldrush. User name is jaxe18. I hope you guys aren't too much competition for my team. LOL
Hey Ame, I already got a team on WBGold, but we ate losing a player on volcano, would she be interested in playing volcano.
No we are on a team together on volcano island. I am sorry I thought you were looking for someone in Goldrush.