Limited Amount of friends.

Clintasha Westbrook 3 years ago in General Discussion 0
Hello Again. I'm to the point in the game where I have gotten the hang of things and I'm getting loads of friends request. Problem is, there is a limit on my account as to how many friends I can have. My solution, I say, there is no limit as to how many friends one should have. This would fix the wanting of more silver and gaining of energy. I like that we can add so many friends daily, but my time span is up (that I am aware of) and it says that in order to add more friends I need to buy more slots. And, as in myself adding people not people requesting me and not being able to accept them. At least, that should be allowed after I've sent all that I could out for the day I should be allowed to accept friend request coming in. It's already bad enough machetes and gold are the tough ones to come by. Is there a way to compromise on this and the time span of how long things are constructed. (I hope I wasn't rude and that made sense) I love the game though.