Can I ask where to find the anhk key for the katunga palace

mariel alejandrino 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Darla Rucker 3 years ago 3
Can I ask where to find the anhk key
It's in the jungle. From what I can tell most things are and it's completely random what you will come across first.
You will only find items that you have been given a quest for. Only look for the item after you read a quest directing you to look for it. Some items will ask you to use the bird. The bird always takes 3 tries (well for me it has)

I found it after getting the Quest, in the jungle on the far left of where you start building Ín the begin bff of the game. It may be random in each for each game player. If this is true then you can just let the Quest ride until it comes up as you are beating back the jungle. I got the right patch of jungle on my first attempt at using the machete on the vines etc.