Grace 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Stephen 3 years ago 2
Is there a way to see how much zest you have?
Zest is needed to build houses. We are not allowed to create unlimited houses. As we accumulate more Zest the number of houses we are allowed to build increases. If you try to buy a house and do not have enough Zest, a pop up will appear, telling you that you need more Zest and suggesting that you buy more decorations, but the pop up does NOT tell you how much more Zest you need.

Zest is normally awarded when buying decorations, trees and when leveling up. I have been playing for awhile and keep seeing Zest being awarded, but the limit on the number of houses I am able to build has not changed since exactly one month ago when my house limit was raised to 14 when I reached 15322 Zest points.

Questions from me:

1) How do I check my Zest balance?

2) Where can I see a table showing how much Zest I need to get to each level, and how many houses I am allowed to build for each Zest level?

Suggestion: If nothing else please, please please modify the pop up telling us that we do not have enough Zest to tell us how much more we need to reach the next level.