no new quests?

Sandi Evans 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated 3 years ago 9
No new quests in over a week. Nothing to do. What's happened?
I have no new quest s either. Frustrating after spending money on this game.....
Same here, what is going on. We at the very least deserve a response and to know will the game continue!!!!
I have had a couple of new quests. Comp!eted them. Once again no new tasks for nearly a week.... What is going on? I will not be paying anymore for this game until its sorted, or if not sorted soon I will be uninstalling. Not happy. This SHOULD not happen when you pay money for a game......
Skull is still under kiwi not yet Rock you, and I have been waiting for around 2 months for quests, they just tell me it will be out in the next update, STILL WAITING.
Yes, it's pretty boring; compared to their other games.
I'm not getting any new quests either
I haven't had any new quests in 4 days.
I have had no new quests in a couple of weeks either. Is there any new news on this issue?
I haven't heard anything from rockyou at all. Seems they would tell us something.