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Team Challenge #7: Cherry Pies

Admin-Ashley 3 years ago in Team Challenge • updated by Ivy 3 years ago 77
Hi All,

This week challenge is: Cherry Pie.

Team Formation Start Time: [6:00am EST | July 31, 2015]
Team Challenge Start Time: [10:00am EST | August 1, 2015]
Team Challenge End Time: [12:00pm EST | August 3, 2015]

Team Challenge Description: Bake as many Cherry Pies as possible!

Title Details By Rank:

Ranks 1-3: +600% Silver 12000 Rating Points
Ranks 4-10: +300% Silver 9500 Rating Points
Ranks 11-100: +125% Silver 8000 Rating Points
Ranks 101-500: +60% Silver 7000 Rating Points
Ranks 501-4000: +30% Silver 6000 Rating Points

- Once the Challenge starts -Tap on "Go" and a new building "pie baker" will appear on your game board - Tap on it for further details
- All you need to do is collect as many cherry pies as possible
- To increase the cherry pies generation, we have "Upgrades"
- Power & Energy upgrades boost the generation of pies every second.

Sounds similar to the first challenge.
I'm looking for 2 new teammates who really want 2 earn high scores! I have nothing else 2 do & earn among the highest scores. Just need teammates who are serious 2. Request 2 be my neighbor, "Ivy Greene". Thx!
Still looking 4 another good player who wants 2 have fun! Thanks!
I've had 2 requests 4 neighbors - Iconic Ton_? & Schullies. R u looking 2 be on my team? I'd not like 2 invite people who don't want 2 play.
Ivy, yes, I want to join your team. (iconic tonic)
This is lame... Another copy and paste game from shipwrecked
I'm not sure what u r referring
Yes, I am playing Shipwrecked, but not planning 2 play in the wkend challenge. Already playing in 2 other wkend contests. This challenge sounds like the cherry pie contest in Skull this week.
R u 1 of my Shipwrecked neighbors?
P.S. None of my Shipwrecked neighbors have invited me 2 a team.
Dear ivy, sorry ur not my neighbour in shipwreck which I have been playing for last two years. They have this kind of tapping games n i feel this tc is going to be tapping too here in skull. Of course I am not playing regularly now.
Ps.i too don't have a regular team in shipwreck and join random if I'm in mood to play tc.
Hi Nabanita,
My team calls it a tapathon. I'm actually looking 4 a 4th teammate 4 my 2nd team. Love it if u'd be interested. Pls request 2 be my neighbor & I'll invite u 2 my team. What's ur ID? (So I'll no who u r.) Mine 4 that team is Ivy Greene.
Oh ho,dear ivy our team too is also looking for a regular fourth player just like ur team.. I don't know what to say.. My id is nabanitaandpal in case...
OK. Thx anyway. Still trying 2 find that 4th! Good luck 2 u 2.
I sent you a friends request Ivy. Thirty minutes to game time, and I'm starting to sweat, lol. The team member who invited me to play has jumped ship for a better team, I guess. I'm ready to play, and I want to win some machetes!
Do u no how 2 use the team chat? U r on my team, right? Please respond on our team chat if u r. I haven't heard from u on the chat & the rest of the team is on right now.
I can't use the team chat for some reason. Everytime I type something and hit send, I get booted from the game. Not just this challenge, but all of them. Sorry I couldn't chat with you guys, but I read them all.
I had the same problem in another game I played from a different company. I emailed support & they repaired it. Do u no how 2 get 2 the support email thru this game? U nee 2 contact them the right way so they can get needed data from your phone 2 make the repairs.
I will do that Ivy. I emailed them a few challenges ago and said this challenge isnt working, and also the game chat boots me out of the game. I'll try again, now that they aren't overwhelmed wih emails about messed up challenges.
Remember, this is a different company. It's RY, not Kiwi.
Also, it's not the challenge that isn't working. It's the chat.
Then 2, if u sent the email from the wrong place, they won't have the info they need 2 repair the problem.
Ivy, r u playing the challenge this week?(sent from Iconic Tonic/Melissa)
I'm home. Will play this next weekend & beyond. Using both of my sites & 2 others as I said last week. I'll send invites...
Sommer, is your "chat" still not working properly? (Sent from Iconic Tonic/Melissa). We need Ivy on our team again!! :)
No, my chat is still not working. I heard from the support team an hour ago and let them know that it still isnt working. I sure hope Ivy joins our team. You guys made some serious pies last week! I tried my best to catch up once the game unfroze, but you left me in the dust. I actually went out and bought a google play card, hoping it would let me score higher points for our feam this week. I sure hope the game works right!
I sent you a friend request. I'm ready to play!
I need two team members for his challenge. I'm ready to make aome pies! Send a friend request to sommerhymes! Two slots open still!
I found a team to join. Thanks Ivy!
I can't do anything with mine. The screen shows up but nothing works. This the second week there have been problems. It gets very frustrating when you sign up for a team and you can't help.
The challenge isn't working again this week, sigh. I reported the problem through the support tab in the game. Also, anytime I try to send a message through the team chat, I get booted from the game. Let me know if anyone knows how to fix this issue. I tried clearing the chache and force stopping the game with no luck.
I emailed support thru the in-game email. Seems they r overrun with emails since everyone's screen is frozen.
All of these problems seem 2 have started since RockYou has taken over Kiwi games!
"What's up wit that?"
Skyfinger 2015 locked out too! What is the problem!
I'm back home. Will be sending an invite 2 Sky 4 next challenge.
Did u read our team chat Sky?
Can't get in! Arg!
Looks like this problem is pretty much universal again this week!
Says Captain Obvious...
(4 those not familiar, Captain Obvious is a character in hotel search TV commercial ads)
Just when u guys got a team going! I'm having issues in Shipwrecked lost island too! No piñata showing up!
I've got pinatas all over the place! Poor little Fenton can hardly get around all of them!
I can read the team chat in the game, but cannot reply.
Sorry Sommer. I was talking 2 Sky. He &I r teammates.
Lol Ivy, I'm on your team with Sky. I was the one to join 15 mins till the game "started." I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you or not tryimg to participate in the challenge wih you guys.
U should be able 2 go 2 our chat. It's not blocked.
Hi ivy... Our team too facing same problem... Frozen screen.....no support I think from administration.
I've been playing Shipwrecked. They have a similar game this weekend. Their baseball diamond is updating beautifully.
U'd think Skull programmers would use the same contest programs since all of these games were created by Kiwi/RockYou...
My sister and are have the same issue. Sent help request. They didn't answer last week's issue until Monday.
After last week's big mess, RY said they would have someone there 2 handle challenge problems. They seem to be working on it now. Hope they solve it soon!
Actually, they solved the problem midday on Sunday. Of course, we'd figured out how 2 get around the pfoblem & make it work on Saturday.
This week, how do you get around a completely frozen screen?
Aargg I now really want to rock their faces...
I'm sure there's a world full of Skull players who feel the same!
Hi all. I'm new to this sort of challenge. Once the screen is unfrozen, how will we make the pies?
Hi Jan, still having problems.... I haven't joined in this week tc in shipwreck
Y not? At least that contest seems 2 be running!
When u tap the building on your main screen, u'll br prompted 2 upgrade/play. Always upgrade thru all 4 levels, then play just like getting stone from a quarry in the game.
Under review
Hi All,

We apologize for the trouble caused in the current team challenge. Our developers are fixing the technical glitches and we will have this fixed soon. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thx 4 updating us. We'll pass this on 2 our teams.
Someone asked me an interesting question. How r u planning 2 score this weekend since only 2 people (Grandgalop & Sierrao4) seem 2 be able 2 play? Not exactly fair 2 hundreds of players. It'll be even worse if everyone else isn't able 2 start playing at the same time.
Just what we're afraid of. A 3rd player, Harley65, is playing & going gangbusters. How can players dribbling in & taking advantage fair 2 everyone else?
Well, looks like the worst case scenario has occurred. Just like last week. Some can play, others can't. The scores will again be unfair & unreal. Several people have suggested that last week's & this week's scores be scrapped & the season started over. We'd even be willing 2 play the same, repaired games. Just so the scores would be fair.
I too agree... It will b fair if this tc is cancelled n not included in this season.
Last week certainly messed up scores 4 enuff players. This week will destroy season scores 4 all but those 2, so u r probably right.
To be fair to everyone they should just restart the season since it's only the 2nd week.
Since both weeks involved major problems 4 most players & scores r messed up, I agree. If u look at Anna's (Administration) string, u'll c that this issue is being sent directly 2 Kiwi/RY.
I can't access the pie thing either. Frozen screen... Ugh...
If u'll read the string of notes 2 Anna, u'll see the worst possible event is occurring. 1st 2, & now a 3rd r able 2 play. This gives unfair, unreasonable advantage & hundreds of players have been messed up. Last week's game also resulted in unfair scores. It has ben suggested that these 2 weeks be scrapped & the season started over. Thru Anna, Kiwi/RY knows how we feel.
Thx 4 adding your voice!
What about just wiping their slate clean so we can all start together or pausing them for the right amount of time to make everyone's total time even? I'd hate to not get to pay at all this weekend...
I don't no what they'll do, but if they don't make it fair 2 all, they'll have angry players & some may even leave the game.
I guess the bug is no more there..i'm able to bake pies!
No. Quite a few people can now play, but I can't. None of my teammates can either.
Hey guys.. looks like they have fixed whatever the issue was.. I am able to bake the pies now..)

Happy baking .
Some people can. Many still can't.
my team mates are able to play btw..thanks for the quick workaround guys!

Not everyone can!!!!!!
Try quiting and launching the game again..it worked for me like that.

I'll try it. Thx!
I don't know how this challenge works. I have no idea.
No se como funciona este desafío. No tengo ni idea.
Keep tapping on pies...the more u tap more points u get. use energy to uprade the pies per second on the left.
Use machetes 2 upgrade 1st. Don't spend $$ on energy unless u can afford it.
How do you upgrade after spending machetes? Canon?
1) tap on the item that needs them. Game will offer a deal 4 what u need
2) go into main game. Tap on machetes at bottom of screen.