how do i get neighbors?

Toni Grappe 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Sweet Reef 3 years ago 9
im wondering the same thing I need to visit neighbors for an event but unlike the rest of their games the neighbor icon isn't there
let me know the resolution

I would like to know that as well.
Same here. I'm level 12 and have no neighbor icon.
As I have reviewed post going back nearly 14 days regarding the lack of neighbo (u)r s in the game I propose a solution that I think will be a good and amiable. Give those of us still playing credit for neighbors we need for the task while you resolve the problem. It is an enjoyable game and I understand the frustration not being able to complete a task can be being a online gamer since the early 90's
Thank you,
Sincerely dadeoheh@gmail.com
i am level 19 and have no neighbor icons. how do i get them,
I have the same issue. Hopefully they will fix this soon, it is pretty frustrating.
this is really agrivating they need to fix it or give us the things we need to visit neighbors for...
The friends invite is now working.