Team Challenge #11: Paint by Numbers

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Team Challenge Name: Paint by Numbers

Team Formation Start Time

6:00am EST

August 28, 2015

Team Challenge Start Time

10:00am EST

August 29, 2015

Team Challenge End Time

12:00pm EST

August 31, 2015

Team Challenge Description: “Help the Professor clean up his messy paint experiment!”

Team Challenge Actions:

  • Clearing Paint Puddle debris on the main iso using the Paint Sucker collectable
  • Gathering Paint Sucker collectables from the Paint Laboratory generator
  • Team score should increase by 1 for each Paint Sucker collectable collected and by 5 for each Paint Puddle LE debris cleared.
Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


+600% Cheer

4 - 10


+300% Cheer

11 - 100


+125% Cheer

101 - 500


+60% Cheer

501 - 2000


+30% Cheer

Title Duration: 7 days

  • Level 1 Contract:
    • Produces: 1 Paint Sucker
    • Requires:
      • 500 Silver
      • 1 Wood
      • 1 Energy
    • Contract Time: 5 minutes
  • Level 2 Contract:
    • Upgrade Requires:
      • 10 Wood
      • 1000 Silver
    • Upgrade Time: 30 minutes
    • Produces: 4 Paint Suckers
    • Requires:
      • 1000 Silver
      • 3 Wood
      • 2 Energy
    • Contract Time: 10 minutes
  • Level 3 Contract:
    • Upgrade Requires:
      • 15 Wood
      • 1500 Silver
    • Upgrade Time: 40 minutes
    • Produces: 9 Paint Suckers
    • Requires:
      • 1200 Silver
      • 6 Wood
      • 4 Energy collectable
    • Contract Time: 20 minutes
  • Level 4 Contract:
    • Upgrade Requires:
      • 20 Wood
      • 2000 Silver
    • Upgrade Time: 60 minutes
    • Produces: 20 Paint Suckers
    • Requires:
      • 1500 Silver
      • 8 Wood
      • 5 Energy
    • Contract Time: 40 minutes
New Collectable: Paint Sucker
New Generator: Paint Laboratory.

Have a great weekend.

Y so many energies? Level 4 requires 5 ENERGIES EACH TIME?! We'll never get anywhere at that rate! Just how much $$$$$ are u expecting us 2 spend?
Most players r disabled, retired, low income, out of work, students, etc. We don't tend 2 have excess $$ 2 spend on games.
This game is rated as relaxing. How can it be relaxing if we need 2 spend $$$ we can't afford just 2 get thru weekend challenges? I (& many other players) really think u folks at RY need 2 rethink how much u want us 2 spend.
I couldn't agree more. It's getting harder to compete for a top 10 spot w/o spending a fortune on energy. Hopefully they can mix it up a bit and give us a couple of "energy free" weekends or maybe offer an energy bundle like they do with the machetes.
Since RY is requiring energy 4 simple production challenges (KIWI did NOT) & now is demanding not just 1 energy 4 production, but as many as 5(!!) energies 2 produce 20 items, it's obvious that they care absolutely nothing about their customers (us). I wonder how many players they need 2 drive away b4 they figer out they r doing something seriously rude & wrong.
The team challenges vary from week to week and i disagree that Kiwi "did not" have challenges that required a full compliment of 5 energy units to make 20 items. Nothing has changed.
I also disagree that any demand is made. As a player you have the choice to accept the challenge or not. For those who wish to purchase extra resources they are at an advantage to those that don't.
However the game doesn't end there for the player who will not invest hard cash, they can invest their intelligence and or time. That is the challenge of the game a challenge that involves a team working together.
As i wrote yesterday, Ivy you do not have what it takes, and to add to the list of short-comings you do not have a team either.
Hear hear! I agree - two heavy-duty coin required challenges in as many weeks? For those of us who have just started the game, that's tough.

Not to mention the huge amount of valuable space these "scattered all around your village" challenges take up...and we can't inventory the building? So we have to leave them (again, taking up space us newbies don't have, and other players may not want to clutter), or start over with another building when this challenge comes around again.

Please let us
1)move the "paint" clutter - I can't add more buildings because I have no room thanks to this challenge!
2)inventory challenge buildings - though some of them are adorable, after a while it gets crowded!

Most of us just sell the buildings that r of no use each week. They can, of course, be stored in ur collections. But y waste the space on objects u'll never need again? I've never seen the same building used twice. They're not that expensive anyway.
The paint puddles will immediately disappear Mon @ the end of the challenge.
Since this comung week's reward is sparkle, if ur team ends up in the top 3 or even top 10, ask me about "hut hopping" 2 earn lots of sparkle.
I've never been in such a slow challenge! Unless u have a lot of $$ to throw away, it's kind of hard 2 get anywhere very fast in this horribly overpriced challenge. Oh well, enjoy ur weekend.
True enough -- I've seen 'em used a time or two in other games. They're pretty cheap, but the time it takes upgrading 'em when you're starting out (as I am in this particular game) is a pain.

Ooh, thanks Ivy! Will definitely touch base with you about "hut hopping"! :)


Have a great weekend yourownself!
Hi, Ivy. My team ranked ninth. What is 'hut hopping' your talking about to get more sparkle? Thanks!!
:-) 2 many people read UserEcho :-)
"Hut Hopping" is something my 1st teammates & I came up with a while back. Only works if ur team is in the top 1-10 positions on a week where sparkles r the reward.
U need 2 or 4 huts: 2 African Huts (AH), 2 Tribal Huts (TH), or 1 of each. I have 4 huts (2 of each) grouped in a square with a grey stone path (p) down the middle between them. Must b grey stone path so helpers can walk on it (they can't wak on most 'paths' &, if no path, debris will annoy u). Need helper 2 stay directly btween huts & move as little as possible 2 get most points fastest. Hut arrangement:
(1) AHpAH or (2) THpTH or (3) AHpTH
My neighbors have been able 2 c them in my 2 sites. Place a row of flowers around them so helper will stay in middle or u can't hop them fast enuff. I'll use (1), above as example. Tap Left TH, tap again 2 get soarkle, then tap Right TH, tap again, the Left TH, then Right TH, 2 back & forth. Watch ur sparkle build up. I get bored easily, so I usually do 10 hops btwn TH-TH, then 10 hops btwn AH-AH, then repeat...
Reason: The numbers. If ur team won rank 1,2,or 3, the huts will pay 455 sparkles instead of their usual 65. It costs 119 sparkles 2 finish production immediately. So, 455 - 119 = 336 sparkles 4 each hut tap. If ur team rank was 4-10, these huts r worth 260 each this wk. So, 260 - 119 = 141. Not as much, but still builds up sparkle pretty fast! Plan on sore fingers & arm. :-)
(U normally only earn 65 sparkles each time u tap a TH or AH & it costs 119 sparkles each time u rapidly hut hop. So u will lose sparkles instead of gaining them.)
Y am I sharing this? I'm sure my 1st teammates r wondering & 1 of my current teammates already asked y I would give away an advantage. I don't think of it that way. I figured it out & Kim named it. Once u've earned 3-4 million sparkles, y not share w others? RY won't mind. This just encourages others 2 compete more in challenges.
I'm also hoping that others will be encouraged 2 share ideas they've come up with that will help us all enjoy the game more.
Yes i am wondering why you have shared this information out, or should i say not why you shared it but why you claimed the credit for having "figure it out." You know you didn't and so does my team including Kim.
You have shown yourself up to be nothing more than a fraud, who lacks acumen, observational capacity, tactical awareness, common decency, but above all class and honor.
I started Skull Iand the Thursday before this Challenge. I don't buy energy,. I think I grew thousands of fig plants to buy and upgrade the paint building lol. I've done three challenges on my own and need teammates. Game id is yrammai and I have played most of Kiwi's games. Currently level 25 or thereabout.