Glitches Galore!

Doglette Wright 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by April Monteith Elliott 2 years ago 5
So, you may or may not be able to get rocks; when you clear them as debris. Same with shells. No rewards for completing the limited time quests. No way to get neighbors, still; 3 + weeks after the post stating that it would be fixed soon. Now, the LATEST thing to happen ( did I mention that you don't get hardly anything for leveling up? Or that you can't even come up with enough rocks to make the finished stones so that you can complete buildings?? ) is now, when I try to earn rewards through the app; it tells me that NOTHING IS AVAILABLE, AND TO COME BACK LATER!!!
I agree. I'm too the point in this game where I'm about to deleting this app. Because it's almost like every other explorer game I've played. The limited quest end before you can even complete them fully and then you get stuck with no machetes and it's not like they are rewarding you any/enough when you do get some back. I'm not about to go balistics on buying machetes because I AND OTHERS DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY FOR THAT TYPE OF STUFF. This is not a PS4/3 OR XBOX. I will not pay for something if it is not an expansion back or a season pass. If I were to do so that would mean spending 20-50-60-100s of dollars a month/week or so. People don't have that type of money and some of their best and supportive players such as myself will say forget it if they/I'm not getting anything good out of the game.
Been waiting since Feb,2015 for things to download, still things dissappear, not chat on last week chsllange, and invites are not going out, the tamarind trees do not produce the tamarind fruit have invisible coconut trees, I'm about fed up with Skull island things that are needed for quest are black squares. Come on 4 months waiting for you to fix these issues. WHEN?
It's most definitely not on par with Westbound Gold Rush !

It is far from from enjoyable to play a game that has not seemingly been tested to a standard where errors, sometimes major frequently.

Your point (Doglette) about the beta testing platform is very valid.

I don't know what constraints RY/Kiwi are working under, but it seems to me that there would be a willing and able supply of players who would test these games without payment to iron out some of these glitches ahead of public release.

Other game developers do so (I have been involved in many) with the only payment or recompense being free items given gratis for when the game goes live.

Confidence in RY/kiwi will then improve resulting in more favorable comments from players who will be more prepared to sign up to "the in-game purchases." your feedback (RY) would be valued....

I love these games but they are bad with glitches. I waited forever to get the lumber yard in Volcano Island. Many buildings need it and quests won't advance but it disappeared after 1 plank was built. On Skull Island I am getting no quests but limited edition. Been waiting forever to get it corrected. Multiple emails to Rock You have no response. I guess I'm fored to delete these so anyone got a better game to play like these?