What does the parrot do?

JoeDiesel68 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Clintasha Westbrook 3 years ago 6
I cannot find the parrot house. I haven't got it listed in specials
It was one of the first items I found when I started playing the game. My question dealt with the fact that i use up a machete to make it fly, it comes back and nothing has happened. Is there something it is supposed to do?
The parrot is supposed to fetch items from the jungle, anyone have idea of the success rate/percentage?
That's what I thought. I've tried it at least 10 times with only the parrot returning empty handed.
I believe the game is still fairly in progress with LOTS of stuff, one being the parrot and what it picks up. Though after the quest with the key it seems as though the parrot no longer has a use. I say don't waste your machetes on it at the moment. Maybe later will they come up with something else the parrot does and a better way to make it fly because machetes are too hard to come by in this game. Which, is another thing they need to fix.