more machetes without buying or adding more games

Courtney Leigh Anne Burge 3 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by SNC123 2 years ago 15
Just a idea seeing as not everyone can just buy stuff for games or have the money or the room to add more games or just
don't like some of the games besides that why play the game if you can move on
I agree more rewards for finishing quests should include machetes
I need more swords the game said if I download an app I'll get free swords I downloaded an app and didn't get the swords.
How about getting machetes off buildings like sparkle? I have added games for a few machetes have tried one offering 11 but it just loops me in an endless circle. Also I have crates on shore, and a reminder to get goodies from them but clicking on them only sends me to the machete screen. I will be deleting game if no changes by time my trees are planted/watered...
"You are wrong". I'm at level 37, has 23 machete available, are in the process with 6 quest. This game is more fair than lot of others kiwi games.
  • Same here. I've had no problems getting machetes
This is true. If you earn the machettes by downloading free apps you can play the game without buying anything. It gets tricky of you run out of things but if you continually try you will get through.
I like the idea proposed I think it wold be a great idea to get the machetes you put into the quest back or at least half (plus some) at the end of the quest just so that we aren't left empty handed. Downloading games for just 1 sword isn't worth it especially if it's going to take up some of my space ony phone. Just my thoughts though.
Please remember one very important piece of information. Kiwi Games (now Ry) produce these games for one primary reason, that is to provide employment and capital to produce more games and i hasten to add, to provide this site to answer players comment,suggestions and complaints. However there is ALWAYS a method or technique that does not involve either purchases or cheat programs. It is the task of the player to think laterally, or outside the box, using trial,error and devotion to that precise game. That is what makes the game desirable to play, finding out how to make the game work. If it was easy then no one would play/enjoy the game and players would pass comments on the fact the game is "too easy." I welcome remarks from players and Kiwi alike but i fairness to all i can't let people into the secret of skull island. All i will say is that there is one!
See the same old replies from you phil, but what this device team fails to understand is that for a new player lack of understanding those dynamics makes the game very unenjoyable, so, on that note, I'm uninstalling the game and will avoid the game maker's other games. Good luck on making your revenue.
Well you obviously have figured out the details and good for you! Thanks for telling us there is a secret way of playing the game! It will have more looking for the resources to play with! I will say unless you work for Rock you or Kiwi you just invited them to monitor your game and soon what ever you do will likely stop! Good luck & thanks for the suggestion to think outside the box!
Dear Shelly, and others unhappy by my "comment" (singular not plural) have only ever commented on this topic once before immediately before i posted this one. I would have thought working out the dynamics of the game was as much part of the game itself, by giving up is admitting defeat. Jan, it isn't so much of a secret, I just use the "tools" of the job that are available for everyone to use. It is understanding/processing that information given and making the best use of it. If Ry/Kiwi wish to monitor my game play, I think that as a compliment, nothing else.