Not getting credit for my trees in the new challenge

Kay Hall 3 years ago • updated by smarlie 3 years ago 6
Please help
Am not either. It is very frustrating after paying for them and then it not working.

it appears that they only give 1 crop each tree. You have to sell them and plant new ones.
I keep harvesting my loquats and not getting anything..... Plus I can't sell them either....what's up?????

I have been able to at least sell mine. And buy more. This very frustrating because I sell them for 2 and they cost 10.
Thank you for your post. I thought I was the only one having the error. I listed out on my sparkle I used to spend up the process :-(. Yet atleast you all helped me firgure away around it.
I also had that problem. I wasted my sparkle to hurry them then couldn't use them. I got on the help section and wrote to them as soon as I saw what was happening but didn't get a fix in time. PLUS WE PAID FOR THE TREES!