can I not transfer my progress to another device??

Eboni Johnson 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Xanthor 1 year ago 3
I got a new android phone and I can transfer my progress with other games but not skull island..am I not able to do this?

Yay, a two year old post that was never answered but I know the answer to because I'm in the same boat (Or skull ;) Anyway EJ if your reading this and have not gotten an answer yet, your semi long wait is at an end! By now your game is most likely giving you an "Etherweb Lost!" error with  infinite attempts at retrying. I'm actually surprised there us still code running to give this error. About 4 years ago, Skull Island was in beta. After several updates, the game was set to go live and like every other kiwi game, many resources were sold for it. It was only a few days to final release when the programmers discovered some very bad issues with the data base and no way to fix the problems without causing more issues. The programmers went through a version that was slightly different and had no problems what so ever so decided to go with the new version. They also realized a lot of people spent money already on the old version and to have to look at so many accounts and see who might get a refund started to become another issue and headache. Skull Island was one of the newer games where if a player had the same email but had their phone replaced, they were able to update to the new phone without having to message someone from management to transfer their game and could continue where they left off without worrying about starting over again like many people went through with games like Shipwreck. Using the newer code, the programmers made it so anyone with a beta Skull Island account would just have to log in, and once the system matched up the device and account info, it would update their account to the new version and at the same time transfer the users belongings to the new account then disable the old account to prevent the user from logging back in and getting more resources they are not entitled to. Management also posted a few notices to remind everyone to upgrade their game by a specific date or you would lose your paid for resources. EJ, you most likely upgraded your phone after the upgrade software was removed so are now unable to continue with your old game. You might as well just start from scratch if your old account doesn't have much in it. I believe the old skull island server is still partially running. If it wasn't, the old client would be giving a file not found error. As of 6/13/2017, I'm getting a connection lost using the old client which means I too didn't sign in on time a few years ago. I'm going to start from fresh and just write it off. What I lost in my old account isn't worth pestering the management over anyway, not to mention half of what I have in the old account is non usable and would give anyone who had access to it a lot of advantage over others, so I'm leaving mine retired for good. The Skull island one that is.


Please drop an email to our support team at support.rockyou.com about the device transfer. We will assist you in restoring the game progress to the new device

Hi Anna. If your refering to my old skull explorers account that disnt get upgraded, its ok to keep it burried. Its from the days when you had that gantastic HEROES game and one of yoir old techs and myself were using it to run tests. I have since started a new one. Thanks though.