Team Challenge #21: Leaf Chief

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Team Challenge Name: Leaf Chief

Team Formation Start Time

12:00pm EST

November 6, 2015

Team Challenge Start Time

12:00pm EST

November 7, 2015

Team Challenge End Time

12:00pm EST

November 9, 2015

Team Challenge Description: Rake up as many leaf piles as you can!

Team Challenge Actions:

  • Clearing Leaf Pile debris on the main iso using the Leaf Rake collectable
  • Gathering collectables from the Leaf Burning Pit generator
  • Team score should increase by 1 for each Leaf Rake collectable collected and by 5 for each Leaf Pile LE debris cleared.

Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


+600% Cheer

4 - 10


+300% Cheer

11 - 100


+125% Cheer

101 - 500


+60% Cheer

501 - 2000


+30% Cheer

Title Duration: 7 days

  • Level 1 Contract:
    • Contract Produces: 1 Leaf Rake
    • Contract Requires: 500 Silver, 1 Rocks, 1 Energy
    • Contract Time: 5 minutes
  • Level 2 Contract:
    • Upgrade Requirements: 1000 Silver, 10 Wood
    • Upgrade Time: 30 minutes
    • Contract Produces: 4 Leaf Rakes
    • Contract Requires: 1000 Silver, 3 Rocks, 2 Energy
    • Contract Time: 10 minutes
  • Level 3 Contract:
    • Upgrade Requirements: 1500 Silver, 15 Wood
    • Upgrade Time: 40 minutes
    • Contract Produces: 9 Leaf Rakes
    • Contract Requires: 1200 Silver, 6 Rocks, 4 Energy
    • Contract Time: 20 minutes
  • Level 4 Contract:
    • Upgrade Requirements: 2000 Silver, 20 Wood
    • Upgrade Time: 60 minutes
    • Contract Produces: 20 Leaf Rakes
    • Contract Requires: 1500 Silver, 8 Rocks, 5 Energy
    • Contract Time: 40 minutes



where do I get the leaf burning pit?

you didn't find it? If not tap on the tc cup on right side of your screen & then tap the area under challenge name where it says Go! It should take you to the leaf pit! I'm sorry I didn't see this quicker! Let me know if you find it! Jan

Tapped on the cup. Tapped go. It takes me to specials but the only things there are the kitchen and medicine hut. Someone stole my fire pit! Lol

you need to email RockYou Support! That's wrong, look under buildings & house's. If nothing works you may want to go under apps on your device & clear data, shut down & look again. I have heard a few people lost games by clearing data but support has told me on several occasions to do it & I've never lost the game! When it comes back up afterwards you may see a bunch of green & black spots where you had things sditting but usually within a few minutes it all reappears! Good luck! Jan

thanks so much! Clearing the data worked

So glad i could help! Good luck

Hey Jan : ). Just wanted to say "hello" after seeing your post. Tell Sky "hello" for me too, OK? Hope all is well in your part of the Nation! : )

Hi Melissa glad your still here! I hope all's well for you! We are hanging in here! ☺ thanks & take care! Jan


I didn't see how to get the leaf burning kit. I cleared data. Don't do it if you have been playing a long time. I lost everything! Aggravating but gives me an excuse to just delete the game. Fair warning.