Did I finish the game?

Ayewreck 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by G M Bligh-Shuck 2 years ago 1

The last quest I completed was the spring fling.. and now there are no new quests. only limited edition quests come up. has been this way for a couple of weeks.. i have gone up two levels since then to lv38... Is that it? seems like a lot of jungle left! I don't want to do limited editions as i can't finish them in time so there's not much point.


I have a few issues...tried to empty my cache as per instructions because of black (missing graphics) with green line around them. I have the first three avatars that look like what they are supposed to, any helper I have added after that, is a black 2-D character with the green edge. If I spend gold on these, they should look like what they are supposed to look like. I am on an Asus memo pad (tablet) ...many times buildings or trees get that black blocky look and lose their graphic picture. Also, since I hit level 45, there are NO quests at all..I am about to hit level 47 very shortly..STILL no quests, yet I have a friend who plays the team challenges with me, and she is level 57, and tells me she has quests to hunt crocodiles or something like that. My game name is GerrieB...I am in Canada. Could someone please fix this? Otherwise I will hit level 50 (my goal) and you won't see me again. This is for the Skull Island game.

Thanks, GerrieB