Additional levels after 350

123sunshine07 11 months ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Admin-Anna 10 months ago 8

Will there be more levels available and a new location coming soon? I'm stuck on level 350. So far I have been able to keep playing my team challenges and read notes on how to keep active.


Many of the hard core players wonder the same thing. There does appear to be an invisible end to the game with the lack of ideas coming from rock you in both the everyday game and challenges.

I've suggested a few ideas previously but no feed back from RY. Once they have sorted out the major scoring glitch for challenges it would be nice for the tedium of repetitive production TCs to be replaced with something new. Maybe make a little competition for the best ideas.....


I hope that they come up with something; I only have 5.5 M left in Level 350. Perhaps they could open up the other land besides Atlantis that constantly says "coming soon".


Now your just being silly !!!!!


One of my teammates and I have reached level 351. Only thing keeping me playing are the challenges and a quest Maybe every other day or so. Used to play everyday, but not now. and unless they open up that other land soon I'm really going to lose interest in this game.

Hi All,

We have shared the comments with the team. We will try to add new features in the game.

Coming up on 351 soon myself. How many millions of experience does it require this time? 20 million on 350. Hi, Phil :)


Hello again...And greetings from London! My XP counter is just ticking onwards and upwards with no new levels in operation. Mind you if the game is stretched then I'm confident that I will hit a new upper level immediately. Oh I like those pretty obilisk's, I'd quite forgotten how many I have.

Please contnue to collect more xp in the game. You should level up to 351 soon.