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PLEASE have your support team respond to Westbound ticket # 553336! I cannot successfully launch Westbound as it crashes (before ever opening) when the blue bar on the Main Launch page reaches ¾…. more than 50 time in a row! Your support desk has not responded to me for more than 5 day.

In ticket # 553336 I reported this issue Thursday at 10:39. Friday at 05:49, Pam replied; “It appears that since you have too many Assets and buildings in the game, it is not loading properly. Can you please try to sell some Assets and buildings which you do not need and see if the game loads fine.”

Friday at 19:11 I replied: What part of my most recent post didn't you understand? I CANNOT successfully launch the Westbound app without it crashing before even opening, more than 30+ times now. As the app worked fine Wednesday night at 10:30PM... and this issue began at Thursday morning, it cannot be related to having too many Assets and buildings in the game. AND as I cannot successfully launch the Westbound app without it crashing before even opening, I also cannot try to sell some Assets and buildings (which I do not need???) to see if the game loads fine! Not only have I done all of the things typically suggested by your folks... today, I took my tablet to Verizon and had them do a factory reset, restoring it to its original state, wiping all the apps/memory... I reinstalled ONLY Westbound and it still will not load successfully before even opening!

As I have received no reply to my repeated posts… and as I am one of your top players of the challenges/my team finished in top 3 place nearly every Season for over a year… why don’t you just refund me the $1,000 plus dollars my resources are worth, or should I ask Google for their help with this?

OR Please fix NOW!


do you have the ads on westbound lionsram .? Many players on here have been suffering similar sort of issues since update which introduced ads , the support team on here are kindly looking into this , but it may be that all the games need looking into . Something has really upset all the games recently . I have players on all the shipwrecked games and I don't have one team that is not experiencing shut downs and unable to launch game or cannot load challenge .

Anne, yes there are ads on the RY Westbound app... thank you (as a fellow player) for your help!

Fellow players, Is this the type of support you would want?

As you know from my post 19 hours ago, my issue is; the Westbound app will not launch (crashes every time when the blue bar is at 3/4 on the launch page). FYI - More than 10 attempts this morning.

After waiting 5 days.... Here is the reply I received this morning;

Anna, Feb 8, 2:42 PM IST:
Hi William,
Please relaunch the app, and also please try to sell few assets in the game. This should reduce the crash in the game
Thanks, Anna

So, it appears Anna/Rockyou is just ignoring the real issue... telling me to do something which I can't do (relaunch, sell few game assets)... as the Westbound app will not launch since last Thursday.

Under review

We apologize for the inconviniencec caused in the game. We have reuested the team to look into the issue.

Anna, appreciated! Please keep us informed here!

UPDATE: Thank you Anne Wilson & fellow players for all your support and your emails… and thank you Admin Anna!

There is Good news / Bad news… for me!

Good news; After 8 days, 3 support tickets, numerus post on the Forum along with you, my fellow players help… and with, what I believe was the result of getting up a 2AM (CST-USA) this morning… I was able to communicate with RY while they were “at work”. Finally, around 4AM, I was able to successfully launch Westbound on my original devise…Yeah!

Bad news: My Westbound still generally crashes within 10 minutes (or less of) play... (Crashing) typically when clearing debris or while moving around on the screen looking for chests and won't load unless I clear data/force stop. However: If working on a task (i.e. tapping on the choc cookie) the game typically doesn't crash.

So. though Pam/RY suggested “we would like to run one more fix to your game account, but if we implement this, the layout of your island will be changed. However, none of the assets or resources will be deleted.” When Westbound finally launched this morning nothing in My Canyon had changed… and though Pam/RY suggestion “Please relaunch the app, and also please try to sell few assets in the game. This should reduce the crash in the gameapparently did not help, as I got rid of 200+ houses… but Westbound still crashes (as it has since July of 2015).

Thank you all, again! At least I can enter this week’s challenge with my team!



Thankyou Anna , please try and find what is going wrong with lionsram game and in general all the games .

Yes we will take them into consideration. Thank you for your support


All 4 of my games are kicking me off as soon as the initial pop ups are closed. I cant even start my challenges. Rock you is the worst thing that's ever happened to these games !

Hi Jenn,

Please drop an email to our support team about the issue. We will try and fix the game for you.


Thank you for answering questions on the Forum!!!

1) For clarification, are you the same Anna on the Support Desk?

2) Why is it when I have an open support ticket, which I have answered/or put new data into on a Thursday, that from Friday through Monday (4 days), there are no replies until Tuesday?

Again, Thank you for answering questions on the Forum, it's great to have you back!




I'm sorry you having problems , please try and get an email to support , this is happening to many people at the moment and support are safe of problem and for now they are offering people fix's so they can get on games .


I finally deleted all of them. Enough is enough


Done that. Multiple times with all the games. Nothing gets resolved and new issues keep happening. Its really sad becauseI cant tell you how many years Ive been playing but I started when there was only Shipwrecked. There arent any others like these. Ive been trying to find a replacment and it just doesnt exist. But these aren't worth the hassle anymore.

Jen Ro,

We feel your pain! Just wish RY did as well and would fix these issues!

Sorry to see you go!



Me too man. Honestly, it breaks my heart. I know how that sounds, they're just games but I'm not a "gamer". I can't run and jump and play that stuff. These games worked for me. I had teammates and as cheesy as it is, pride in my years of playing them. It's just such a waste of time to keep going in circles about nonsense. Maybe one day I'll be back. Ill check in here once in a while and see if everyone is still complaining about the same issues.

Good luck to you all

We are sorry to hear about the issues in the game. We will soon have them fixed.

1) For clarification, are you the same Anna on the Support Desk?

2) Why is it when I have an open support ticket, which I have answered/or put new data into on a Thursday, that from Friday through Monday (4 days), there are no replies until Tuesday?

Unfortunately, your lip service gives me no confidence.

The problems have been getting worse not fixed for at least a year and you guys say the same thing with no result.

We will try and fix the issues in the game soon.

Admin Anna,

Please help me as this seems to happen to me a lot!! Why does RY support fall silent for so long?

The last reply from Support to Request #556699 was February 16, 2017 05:28 and I replied back at 15:31 same day BUT am still (7 days later) waiting for their reply. Request #562195 was received by Support Tuesday at 22:40 and I am still waiting for Support to reply.

If you would, please help me understand, is Support just ignoring my requests? If they are doing something, it would seem reasonable to at least tell me what going on.

Surely, this is not the message RY wants to project to players, concerning support.

I look forward to your involvement in addressing this lack of Support issue! Thank you for your help in the past,


The issue has been assigned to the team. We will get back to you soon with an update.

Admin Anna,

Thank you for your involvement addressing Support about my issue, which is now resolved!

Please help us players why Open Requests need to be assigned to the team.

I still do not understand why my requests go days with no reply from Support, which is very frustrating for me... and I am sure, frustrating for your other players!

Thank you again for your help,

Oh do stop moaning lionsram ! Didn't you know she's busy sorting my problems first.... maybe!!!

Phil, love your comments! Hope they finished sorting through your problems!

Dear Admin Anna,

Once again I come to you with a similar issue needing your help… Westbound app is crashing before fully loading (blue bar at about ¾ when crashing)... same issue as 5 months ago. Please have your support team look at my new Ticket #771705


In the last 2 hours, I’ve launched the Westbound app more than 30 times and more than 30 times in a row it has crashed before even fully loading.

And yes, I have cleared the data (Go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications >> Westbound >> Clear Data) and restart the application / and I have (most of those times) also force close game… which also did not resolve the issue.

Additionally. I have Uninstall and Reinstallation more than 5 times… but still crashing before opening (blue bar at about ¾ when crashing).


I am one of your top players of the weekly challenges... helping to drive other challengers to spend money on your game. My current team typically finishes in the top 4 places (most weeks). If I cannot play, it likely costs RY money.


Please have your Developers check my crash logs to find the issue,

Also, please reference “Request #553336 Westbound app crashed before loading” to see the history of when this happened to me last time.

Please fix ASAP! Thank you in advance for your help!


Havent been in forum for a while lionsram are you still having problems ?

Anne, yes... again... but fixed in 6 days instead of more than a week... only missed 1 TC.

Hi lionsram , I'm glad it is fixed now ......is there some sort of magic power that comes into force when you post your problems on here lol ! Ha ha ! Take care ! ......annewils

Hey annewils, 

No, if there were... they most-likely would not knock out one of their top players twice in one year! Missed 2 TCs earlier this year... 1 TC this time...  keeping me from driving other challengers to spend money on their game! 


I hope everything stays sorted lionsram , nice to hear from you .