Ads Promise is a Lie

stacie.sheppard 10 months ago in General Discussion • updated by Admin-Anna 10 months ago 2

DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY! I was sick of the barrage of ads, like others have spoken of. I saw the pop up that said ANY IN GAME PURCHASE GETS RID OF ADS FOR A MONTH .....PFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTT! What a crock! I bought a bundle and yes, the ads stopped and it was awesome - for about FIVE MINUTES.

This company should change the first two letters of their name to F U.


Which is the reason why I asked Anna to state how many adverts we would see if the purchase was not made. At this time I've not yet had a reply.


Hi Stacie,

Please drop an email to the support team about this. We will test your game further on this.