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Why is the game PURPOSELY TAKING my Quarry Stones?? I KNOW for a fact that I had SEVEN Quarry Stones because I looked at my Tiki Shop (unfinished-awaiting quarry stones) RIGHT BEFORE I clicked to collect my quarry stone..I went back to look at it again & I only had FOUR Q.S.'s!!! Is this a ploy to get people to BUY GOLD or a glitch??? This isnt the 1st time this has happened. In addition, the HOMECOMING BUILDING only required 5 Wish Pouches YESTERDAY..Today I received 2 more gifted from friends (in addition to the 3 I already had)..TOTAL OF FIVE, but when I clicked on it today, it said it required TEN Wish Pouches!!!

I have been a long time player, I would really appreciate a reply please.

Thank you,



We are sorry to hear about the issues you faced in the game. Please submit a ticket to us at support.rockyou.com with the details about the issue in the game. We will test your game further on this.